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This Day In The History Of Music.

Elvis Presley made his first public appearance as a singer on this day. It did not go well: he came fifth in a local talent show. But he was only ten years old. October 3, 1945; Chopin: The Day the Music Died The brief life of Chopin, one of music’s earliest superstars, ended on this day when the sickly composer fell victim to tuberculosis.  Source- | This Day In Music. For those who may not know. Elvis Presley was known as the King of Rock-n-Roll. 

P.S I am thinking about posting each day. If anyone in the Pandora community would like to add or suggest this post, then please do. I welcome all who are interested. Thank you. Take care everyone, and please stay safe as well.


P.S. I will be using two sources of information for "This Day In The History Of Music". The first source is This Day In Music and the second source is On This Day in Music History. And for the faithful readers of this post, you probably have also noticed I use a third source when the two sources that I do use are not in agreement with the facts, the third source will always be listed. When the third source has to be used I will always list it as a (Side Note:) and it will always be highlighted in bold red just as you see it now. When I have to use a third source it will normally agree with one of the other two sources, that is when I will agree with that information, in the case where the third source also differs from the other two I will just go with the first date and information given. When this happens I will leave it up to the reader to look into the fact and or facts for that blog, and please feel free to leave a reply about any additional information you may have found, and please list the source and or sources that you used for that additional information. I try my very best to add nothing but true facts to this post, and I will always give the source that I took those facts. When I add my own personal opinion I will do so as a side note as well, but that will be highlighted in bold blue. I do hope you enjoy reading this post, history has always been my favorite subject throughout my whole life, from grade school through college, and even to this day. 

Take care and stay safe. 


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Thank you.🙃

@dianatravins You're welcome, and thank you for your interest in this post, have a great night, take care and stay safe. 

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I'm truly sorry to announce that I will no longer be curating this post. Circumstances in my personal life needs more of my personal attention. Work has also been a dramatic change for me, it will require more of my time as well. Hopefully, some one else will become interested in taking over. Have a blessed day.

Take care and GOD bless. 


As some of you already know since reading the last post I had previously posted about not being able to continue with this post due to dramatic changes in my personal life as well as my work. In the previous post I forgot to thank @AlyssaPandora, @AdamPandora, @ErickPandora, @UncleBud, @Pandora, and all the faithful readers who read as well as supported this post. I am truly sorry for not being able to continue with this post, with the amount of research and time it takes it is too much time that I can no longer afford. It is my hope that this post continues on, so if you have two hours a day to spare then please consider carrying on with this post. Thank you all once again for your great support.

Take care and GOD bless.