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Thumbprint Radio or My Thumbs Up Playlist: Which do you prefer?

Diamond in the Rough

I recently got rid of My Thumbs Up Playlist, as it got to be a hassle. I prefer to keep my playlists organized, which means that I manually put the tracks in alphabetical order.

Thumbprint Radio, on the other hand, is a nice feature to have - as it's a good place to get new song suggestions. I think it's be nice to remove some stations from Thumbprint Radio, though - as ambient stuff doesn't quite fit in well with rock and blues. Otherwise, I like it.

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On the Rise
Yesterday I discovered that all the songs I had thumbed up since 2017 had been removed from my Thumbprints station. At this moment it tells me I only have 12 songs that I have thumbed up and all of those are songs I thumbed up yesterday. All other songs I had thumbed up earlier aren't there. Has this happened to anyone else? I asked a question about it yesterday but so far have gotten no response. I can't imagine why this is happening.
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