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Local Performer

que fuera el sol sin la luna si no  viera Sido de esa chispa antes de sus primeras llamas de la qué su imenso rayos de lumbre no fueran Sido con los qué alúmina su linda cara noche tras noche día tras día durante el resto de la  perfecta eternidad de lo que a legado asé la gran creación de nuestro gran señor y padre logro, su Gloria tengamos que ver nacidos para el poder ser gran espíritu Santo frente dos sus ojos lo que somos, amén

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@Pumba1420 God's creation truly is magnificent. My favorite times of the day are sunrise and sunset, favorite time of year for scenery the winter. Thanks for sharing take care and stay safe. 


Local Performer

No, Thank you. I wrote this as I was looking at my friend as she sat down to talk to me for the very first time that day. Seeing a beautiful face like hers for the first time and having such a privilege to be a friend well its Changed something in me and my perception. Whatever it may be I guess only time will tell. God bless you all and all.