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What music do musical artists listen to and why?

Local Performer

Like to know the music which musicians and singers like and listen to. What is good music to you?

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Up & Coming Artist

perhaps you could do the research and write a mini-article here on pandora. Like moh loves Alaska and me how we make playlists and you can contribute your findings to the community. I would do it but I'm currently working on something else.

Local Performer

that's crazy because I was just talking about this the other day with my new apprentice.. the subject being artists who make music for artists that make music. and what makes such a genre[my opinion is and always will be the vibe  + relatable subject(s)] no really though it's like.. 
"Mac Millers last Album + Post humous album "Circles"  + Pain /  Acceptance with Loneliness 
or the entire catalog of "The Real JBrown" + his unmatched Integrity/ Drive +realness /almost childlike vulnerability
or "Hoodie Ross" + his almost libra-like indecisive passion to do whats right.

 "Keynon" + his consistantly Epic **ahem** raw talent + the need to let you know he dont give a **ahem** about a deal if it goes against his morals

"El P", "Run The Jewels", Travis Scott, and "Wrekonize / "Mayday!",.. or labels like Strange Music, Or  Dope Kontent Entertainment.

These Are THE TOP -GOATS, Groups, Labels, Music- titles when it comes to music made for music makers