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Opening Act

Here's a fun question for the community!

  1.  What do you do for a living?
  2. Do you enjoy it?
  3. How are your co-workers and boss?
  4. Tell us a funny/weird work story!



2 Replies

@ForgeMPH  my first logging job I ever had was with an old timer named Howard (he has passed). He just purchased a stainless steel thermos the day before (he was always drinking from mine). We just finished a quick coffee break, and he had placed his thermos close to our work area. I had told him he should put his thermos with mine, he insisted it was fine where it was. His very next tree he fell, he smashed his thermos. It looked like a horse shoe. Needless to say he was getting a new thermos that night. He was a great guy, as well as a great friend. He taught me all I know about tree cutting, and chainsaws. At 74 he was still logging, he was forced to retire due to an injury, six months later he passed. I always enjoy talking about Howard, and sharing stories about him.               You take care and stay safe.  

P.S. I'm self employed, I no longer do logging, just some residential tree cutting and landscaping. 


Opening Act

lmao that story made me laugh... that's just Karma for being stubborn haha. sounds fun!