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Zakk Sabbath

Opening Act

After his stint with Ozzy, well even before OZ,  Zakk has been hell bent on being one of the hardest hitting lead guitarists ever. I've had the chance to see him live twice. Black Label Society is his baby.  Most of what Zakk records and plays is a deeper Metal than most. If you were to go back in time and show Sabbath, Ozzy, fans a picture of what Zakk looks like now, they would think your drunk.. Live, on stage is where I think he loves to be, He also loves his beer. The last few years he has been honoring Black Sabbath with his version, Zakk Sabbath. touring with only a three piece band, his Dual roll of lead vocals/ guitarist has him imitating two icons, Ozzy, and Toni Iommi.  I was looking on Pandora for his lastest Album Vertigo, covering 15 Sabbath greats. Released  in 2020. The info says he has no albums. Youtube does. 

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Diamond in the Rough

Hello @BigDaddy66426! That must’ve been amazing to go to his live concerts! Thank you for sharing this, because some of the newer generations don’t even know who Ozzy even is! I hope that this paragraph will be spread around to lots of other people!

-Demon Deer