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know thyself

Opening Act

When we are in the habit of ignoring what we feel or consistently run away from hard parts of ourselves, distance is created not just between us and ourselves but also between us and other people. Our lack of a full embrace of all that we are can make our interactions with others superficial, even if there is a desire to connect deeply with someone, that connection will encounter limits and will only ever reach a depth equal to the relationship we have with ourselves. Our personal degree of self-awareness will reflect dimly or brightly on whomever crosses our path. If we can observe our emotions with open arms full of compassion, it will be much easier to show up and support others when they are going through a moment of personal turbulence. If we can embrace our own complexity, we will have patience as we learn more about those closest to us. If we have experience facing our own hard truths and being present through our personal ups and downs, we will have the emotional fortitude to wisely handle challenging moments in a relationship without immediately running away. There is no other way to a life of fulfillment, happiness and vibrant connections, but through thoroughly traveling the realms of our own heart and mind. Areas that remain undiscovered are areas of potential friction that may manifest in our own mind or between us and the ones we love. All that is unexplored can show up as blocks that can stop the flow of harmony. If we are accustomed to brave observation and practicing acceptance when inner turbulence tries to bring our attention to an unexplored or unloved part of ourselves, then the moments of friction within us or in our relationships will not become blocks. Instead, these tough moments will become fertile ground to deepen our connection and refine our commitments. Simply stated, putting the effort into knowing ourselves can only help us know others better. Loving ourselves is essential if we want to live a good life. 🙏🏽🌎 #yungpueblo

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you cannot build a deep connection with someone who is disconnected from themselves yung pueblo
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Opening Act

Didn't have time to read it thoroughly, but I got the gist of it. I totally agree, @justinc005.

Have a happy and blessed day!