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knowing how to play a song


so the song someone like you i knew how to play it on piano but i did not know the song until i listen to the song and i was in shock because i could play it already i was so happy ^^

eliana Franklin
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@Jordan-kun That's pretty cool Jordan. I taught myself how to play the harmonica when I was in the Navy. I learned pretty quick. Soon I had guys on the ship sitting around me with requests for specific songs. Even today, if I know a song in my head I can usually play it on the harmonica. Anyway your story is pretty cool. 😎

@Jordan-kun and @UncleBud I liked your posts, I myself have always had a desire to learn and play the Highlander Bagpipes. I would love to be able to play Amazing Grace and Scottish Solider, those are my two favorite bagpipe songs. 

   Take care and stay safe.  


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@MOHLovesAlaska There's a 54 song album called "Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums". I listen to it periodically. You might want to collect it yourself. On a different note, I hope everything goes smooth for you. I read where you're having to move.