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the Buffalonians

Local Performer

Hi everyone

First, a BIG thank you for listening and supporting me and my music.  I’ve posted new songs from my current CD release “Walkin’ In The Rain”  So, please know that I appreciate every interaction, whether through the music or the great comments I receive.

Be safe, be kind the Buffalonians 


2 Replies

@VMISURACA, I will check your music out. I will also choose some of your music for the GSOTD daily post that I do right here on @Pandora. I will also be sure to make mention of you @VMISURACA for your music. Take care and stay safe. 

P.S Here is the GSOTD playlist. When I post your music it will be added to this public playlist.  GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day)  as of right now this playlist is one song south of 950. Enjoy the music. Be safe. 


@VMISURACA I will be adding three songs to the GSOTD post and playlist today. Take care and stay safe.