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Can't Log In on Pithos

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Tried listening today (June 15 2021) using the Linux application "Pithos" but I get an error about incorrect login information. I haven't changed it so what happened?

The only reason I've stuck with Pandora is because of the Pithos app and if it's going to be blocked I don't see any point in staying subscribed.

ETA: My first post was very abrupt so I thought I'd clarify. I love Pandora and have been using it for almost 20 years at this point, and was subscribed for over a decade, until this. The main reason why I loved it was that they allowed an open-source Linux app, letting me listen without a browser open, letting me use the interactive keys on my keyboard to pause or skip and control the volume. Can't get that in the browser, but since it's not cost effective to make a supported Linux app, that left me, who isn't using windows, mac, or android without a viable, accessible, alternative, so...

But maybe this was all just a bug or miscommunication or something and everything will get fixed. 🙂

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But no Linux version ?

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