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Configure Wave Keyboard Executable


I installed the Windows 10 version from the store.  I am trying to configure my Wave keyboard to open Pandora when I hit the music key however I can't seem to locate where the executable is on my machine

Anyone can lend a hand?


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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@sparker01915 I may be off base a little, but this is what I found. Get help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors ( it is very possible your windows may not have been installed correctly, and or it has errors from going through its up-dates, and or the up-dates have just not been completed. This is a possible solution, the other could be, and again I say could be, you need to update your driver or drivers for your device. If none of that is the issue or fix, try uninstalling your device then re-installing. But before you do the re-install make sure your windows are completely updated. I hope this is a help for you. Take care and stay safe. 


P.S I almost forgot one other simple thing, sometimes just a simple restart after you do an install or a reinstall can be a solution as well. For example, when I have errors on my system I go to my C Command Prompt, and under Administrator, I type in SFC/scannow and it will fix my errors, I will not see the full results of the fix until I do a restart. Be safe.