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Over Compression of Higher Frequencies

Local Performer

Anyone else noticing REALLY aggressive and random gate like compression of higher frequency on some songs and others sound fine?

Seemed to start happening last week and it's so aggressive that it's really distracting. Seems to be most apparent on hi hats. The hats come through, but it's like someone is turning a knob up to allow each hi hat through but it's always a random rates/speeds and sometimes it obliterates a random hi hat all together. 

I know I'm being a bit picky here. I've been able to hear compression on Pandora since day one, but's it gotten particularly bad. Listen to "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone. Every chorus the hi hats are cutting in and out and then during the verse they almost completely disappear. This song sounded fine three weeks ago and now it sounds like a horrific late 90s ripped MP3.

The ads always sound great.... 

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