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Perhaps This Fix Is For You On Your Desktop Pandora App.


Good day fellow Pandorians, I am posting this to see if perhaps this has happened to you on your Pandora desktop app. 

When you click on the name of the artist and your cursor cannot click on the name, or have you clicked on Now Playing and all you see is a blank all white page? Or perhaps you have scrolled down through your songs and or artists and all you see are partial songs and or some of the artists you've collected but not all of them. Well if this is you then I will inform you how to fix that, and this is for those who don't know of course.

Step one find your settings once you find it click on apps and scroll down until you see your Pandora app, once you find it right click then click on more, then click on App Settings, once you do that a new screen will appear, don't panic, at the far left you will see Apps again click on that then in your next screen click on installed apps, that should be at or near the top. Click on that then scroll down until you find your Pandora app. once you find it you should see three little dots straight across from the Pandora app, click on those three dots, once you then click on Advanced options then scroll down until you see Reset below that you will see two more options Repair and Reset. Click the repair option, once you do you shouldn't have to sign back in. From there try to see if that was a fix for you. If not then repeat all of the following steps once again then choose Reset the app. But once you do you will have to sign back in. The repair option has worked for me, so it should be for you as well.

Take care and stay safe. 

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