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Seeing all artist in your station you made since you started & error:


I'm just saying if your Website has problems, why can't you FIX it?

I experienced at times, "STATION DOESN'T HAVE MUSIC TO PLAY. PICK ANOTHER STATION," when actually I have 1000-artists in all stations.

I made stations from January 2019. When I hit, "SEE ALL," it ONLY shows me the artists & songs for the past three months, NOT all 3-years. Why?

I want to delete some artists I made in stations from 2019. How can I if I can't see them?


Can't you please make PAGES? If you scroll down to end of page, you can see, "PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAFE 3," & so on. Page 20 will be time you originally started adding artists to your stations. Page 1 will be your recent additions.


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