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Unable to Add Songs to Playlist


I cannot add songs to playlists.

I can see now that it is not all songs, but only certain songs.

Is there a reason why some songs cannot be added to a playlist?


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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@dom333 I would recommend running through the standard troubleshooting steps for your Firefox browser to see if it helps with adding songs to your playlist. You can find those steps here: Firefox Troubleshooting

An alternative is to try using the desktop application on your computer to see if that works for you. You can find out more information about how it works here.


If you continue to have trouble with this, would you mind posting a screenshot in your next reply? 

  • To take a screenshot, you can try using the Snipping Tool.
  • You can find specifics about this tool and how to use it here.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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