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Ability For Listeners To Follow Their Favorite Hosts

Ability For Listeners To Follow Their Favorite Hosts

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Status: Open Ideas

I always wanted to be a radio personality when I was younger and still up to this day, my dream is to become a radio personality. One thing I would love to see on Pandora is the ability to follow your favorite host. While I know there's the ability to follow people by email and Facebook. However, times have changed where people are no longer using Facebook. People are nowadays using other social media outlets to follow their favorite influencers.  Today's generations are more so using Snapchat and Instagram. I would also like for the ability to comment on my favorite host's profile and be able to bite whatever song is on their profile and add it to my station.

In conclusion, this is what I would love to see happen with Pandora as it is a great music streaming service and platform.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Vikkicpoet thanks for another great idea! I personally love this one. ❤️