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Ability to create a new station using the same artist seed that an existing station already has

Ability to create a new station using the same artist seed that an existing station already has

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I have many stations that are seeded with multiple artists, and I like those stations as they are, 'tuned' a certain way with their seeds and their thumbs.  But, I would still like to create other, different stations that have some of the same artists as existing stations.  Or, as another community post mentioned, even though an artist exists as a seed on a 'curated' station, you might still want to listen to a 'fresh' station seeded with just that artist, for a slightly different listening experience from the first curated station.  Pandora used to allow this, and then something was changed - now if you attempt to create a new station from an artist that already exists as a seed in an existing station, Pandora just starts playing that station, and it's super frustrating and seems totally unnecessary a restriction.  Yes, there are workarounds (i.e. create a new station using something else, then add what you want, and remove what you don't), but this is not something that should have to be worked around - the fact that you can just work around it is proof that the restriction is pointless.  Feature request: Put it back to how it was.  Stop updating the service to death.

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Thanks for posting to FR @wisepeppy! We appreciate the feedback on this. Please don't for to ❤️- the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap at some point. 

Thanks for being part of community!

Diamond in the Rough

I just experienced the same thing when trying to create a station for the band She Past Away.  I want to create a station that is more attuned to modern post-punk... But it keeps shoving me to my White Lies station. (The band White Lies started out as very post-punk, but their sound has leaned more pop over the past several albums. So the relationship is very dilute!) 

Additionally, to add to what @wisepeppy was saying, some artists (like David Bowie) span many decades of work--and, consequently, many shifts in genre. I do not want my two Bowie stations to be homogenous!!!  

Allowing multiple reference points for artists is essential... otherwise you're diluting the very paradigm on which Pandora was built: THE MUSIC GENOME.   

As wisepeppy also said: Please put it back to the way it was! 

Status changed to: Archive

We appreciate your contribution to our Feature Request board! Due to inactivity, this post has been archived and cannot be voted on or commented on. If you have any additional suggestions, feel free to share them or vote for them if they are already mentioned in the Feature Request post.