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Ability to create accounts for children with parental controls

Ability to create accounts for children with parental controls

Status: Open Ideas

So are we avoiding the responsibility of this or am I just missing the posts...

So we are clear I can't create a minor's account under my account without changing everything for myself.  It appears to be all or none.

So is the only way (which is hardly protected or age appropriate) that would require Pandora to do more than just blast music by artist but garner the ratings overall and classify the account according to that?

If there is a way please share.  I need it as there IS music that is not trash out there. 


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I would love to see a feature implemented so that my 7 and 11 year old kids can listen to their music as well. Right now, they use mine and know when to skip a song because it is inappropriate. But I would prefer to be able to set them both up with their own accounts so they can create their own playlists and preferences. There are many options out there for music that provide parental controls, I would just prefer not paying an additional subscription fee since I am already on this "Family" plan.

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I strongly agree that parental controls or child accounts are needed. As a parent I not only want to block explicit content but I want to be able to control when my tween can even look at lyrics. He loves music but I frequently find him looking at the phone rather than just listening. This is even worse if music videos are added. Parents have to be able to toggle music videos AND lyrics AND explicit music. A separate kid account would be great but the ability to manage these activities is more important to me. 

Local Performer

I too would like to have the ability to share my family account with my kids and block explicit content from their individual accounts.

Please add this feature. If not I will cancel subscription and choose another music streaming platform that will offer this feature/ability. 


Thank you!