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Ability to merge/split stations

Ability to merge/split stations

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great to have the ability to permanently merge selected stations into one.  All the seeds, thumbs-ups, and thumbs-down from all selected stations would merge into one station.

> This would give all the people who have a ton of stations the ability to consolidate and organize them without having to delete stations they like, and without having a complicated group/folder system.

> It would encourage people to use stations to explore unfamiliar genres more without ending up with so-so or too many stations.

> Consolidating is another tool to create some really powerful, amazing stations that you couldn't get by just adding seeds.

I've wanted this feature for over ten years. Let's make it happen.

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Is there any timeline on this?  It's been only a few many years now.............................

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Have been wanting this since I signed on.  Please make it happen.

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Long time user here.  I recently began subscribing to pay for this specific feature.  Hopefully it works.


If I were to make pseudo code for this feature: 


it would:

-collect names of stations to be combined

-extract list of thumbed up tracks and variety tracks as well as a sample of historical songs played. 

-lists from all stations to be combined will be combined

-This new list of stations would be used to create a new station with the desired name.  The songs on the list will be added as variety to this new station to provide the desired blend of content. 


[optional deletion of old pandora stations that were merged into new one question]

[optional bulk merge per specified parameters i.e. genre, instruments, bass heavy, etc]

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add me to this list .. needs to happen already heh.. I'd pay for that ability.


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I have also wanted this for like ten years. "Just move your upvoted songs to the station you want to merge it into as Variety" -- that's like 200 songs.

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It couldn't be that difficult. Please make this a priority to give us the opportunity to customize our accounts, at least on Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium!