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Add Audio Ducking for Android

Add Audio Ducking for Android

Status: Open Ideas

Whenever a notification comes in using an Android device, Pandora will lower the music volume to make the notification sound more noticeable; this is referred to as "Audio Ducking" introduced in Android 8.0. This cannot be changed anywhere in the phone's settings, it's entirely at the application level and must be changed by the application developer. The Android API for audio ducking allows the current app (in this case Pandora) to give up audio focus and grant it to another application (notification). Many other audio players have implemented audio ducking options but as far as I'm aware, none exist in the Pandora App and I haven't seen any other mentions of this in the Pandora community forum, so I'm creating one.

Android has an Audio Ducking API option for developers, please implement it Pandora!

Most of using Pandora don't want the music volume interrupted and I certainly don't need to be worried about more clearly hearing notifications while I'm driving! Thank you!

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @evalegacy! Thanks for posting to Feature Request. 

Great feedback! We rely on feedback like yours to help us develop products and features that we know our community wants to see. If your suggestion receives votes from other customers and gains popularity, it will be shared internally with various teams at Pandora.

Watch this space for status updates! In the meantime, try visiting our Listener Lounge to talk with other listeners about all things music.

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@evalegacy I'll give this idea a thumbs up.


@TannerPandora Yeah, I've seen this response before on here...

So... basically you're going to be lazy and not implement it then... because only 1% of Pandora listeners actually look at the community forum and a very small margin of those who come here actually even create accounts (99% to post other issues) not to just "like" a post. You rely a system that's setup to fail from the start, what a pathetic way to run a business.

Looks like it's time to cancel my Pandora subscription and move to Spotify, this is going to go nowhere and they actually already have Audio Ducking options in their app. I could probably get more people to cancel their subscription than to get community votes on this post!