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Add Cast feature to Web and Desktop App

Add Cast feature to Web and Desktop App

Status: Open Ideas

It is common for me to use the web or desktop client. I have a Google Home and a Chromecast that I'd like to be able to cast to (like I can with YouTube and used to be able to with Google Play Music). Something similar to the cast icon that's present in the mobile app, but that can be used on the desktop and web clients as well.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas
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Competitors like spotify already have a cast feature to cast music from the app to speaker groups. Please add this.

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I'm not familiar with the "Cast" feature, but this sounds like the feature I am looking for so I'm not posting a new request.

On the Windows Desktop app, I would like to be able to select my output device.  In Spotify, when you click on the speaker you see output device options.  This is useful when you have headphones plugged in for meetings, and an Alexa Echo dot connected via Bluetooth for music.  When using Pandora (which I prefer!), to listen to music on my Echo Dot I have to unplug my headphones from the computer.  Then I end up fumbling to plug them back in when I join a meeting.

Thank you.

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How is this idea not more popular? I am dying to be able to cast on my desktop app/browser. I end up defaulting to Spotify during the workday simply because it is more convenient. 

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I just discovered this feature on Spotify and would prefer to use it on Pandora.  Spotify has a speaker icon labeled "Connect to a device" that allows me to search and select the music on the Spotify app and then select one or multiple speakers to play the music.  Selecting the music on an app is much more efficient than trying to get Alexa to understand my verbal request.  Alexa's ability to understand my requests is very primitive.