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Add menu option to add a song to an existing station as new variety (seed).

Add menu option to add a song to an existing station as new variety (seed).

Status: Open Ideas

Similar to the 'Add to Playlist' option in the song menu, create an 'Add to Station' option where the song would be added as a new seed/variety for the station.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thats a great idea @tstaud. Thanks for sharing!

Local Performer

This has been needed for so many years. So many songs that come up may not fit the existing station yet are perfect for a different station and I'm bewildered as to why Pandora hasn't yet allowed us to seed our other stations, that would make the whole thing more accurate and useful for everyone.

Local Performer

You know, I would swear that they had this years ago (2011?) where you could add variety by adding another song. I remember being able to do this back in college. A handful of years back I went to do this again and realized that it was gone. I check back every so often to see if there's a new option.

This would also be really useful for helping a station to zero in on what you're looking for.  Far too often I'll start a station with a song that I love but no amount of feedback will turn it into a station that I'd listen to.  It always feels like a frustrating waste of time. 😓

Local Performer

I would love a feature to add a song to the station seed track from the play screen. 

Particularly when in discovery mode I often come across a song I'd like to add to the station seeds to create more variety.

Similarly, this would be great app-wide. For instance, a button that goes "Add to: <Particular Station>"

Local Performer

I too thought that this option was available in the past. It is a badly needed option.


To my knowledge, the "add variety" (add seeds) option has only ever been available via desktop/web, but listening via mobile devices must be far and away the most common listening condition these days, and the add variety function is probably one of the best (and possibly least known/understood) feature of Pandora.

I love this idea.