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Alexa search should prioritize personal playlist and station names

Alexa search should prioritize personal playlist and station names

Status: Archive

If I name some station or playlist in "my collection" xyz, "Alexa play station xyz" or "Alexa play playlist xyz" if it matches it should play.  Now, if it somehow partially matches some random other station/playlist on Pandora it will choose that instead of the user's own.

Example, I created a playlist "Alanis Morissette", if I tried to play it, it would insist on playing Pandora's created playlist "Pandora Stories: Alanis Morrissette on Jagged Little Pill at 25", rather than my playlist. 

The onus should not be on the end user to come up with unique unambiguous names.  If the name matches something in the personal user collection it should be assumed that is what the user wants.  Only after no matches are found in the user's collection should it search Pandora generally for a match.

Can't believe the programming is so lousy on this.

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Thanks for the feedback for Alexa @stephtu! I moved your message over to our Feature Request board.

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I agree. It is annoying that I cant voice search some of my stations because the name is similar to something mainstream and that gets queued over my station. 

Status changed to: Archive

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