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Apple HomePod - Wanting a HomeKit “scene” that plays a Pandora station

Apple HomePod - Wanting a HomeKit “scene” that plays a Pandora station

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Status: Open Ideas

I suspect the proprietary instincts of Apple’s marketing folks to be at fault here, but it may be that the Pandora code running on HomePod as my default music service needs to be more assertive/complete.

When I try to create a scene in Apple Home that plays music, more specifically a particular Pandora station, the process hits a wall when I try to “Choose Audio” and a message pops up telling me I need an Apple Music subscription/membership.  Sigh…

The described image sequence follows.  



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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @BMeek! Thanks for posting. 

I moved your message over to our Feature Request board since this is not a feature and the best place for feedback.

From what I understand, third party music apps can't take part in automations currently. This is a functionality that the HomePod team would need to develop and share. However, this feedback is very helpful.

I would also recommend reaching out to Apple Support with the same feedback. 

Thanks for being part of community!