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Batch Entry for Artist Discographies and/or Albums and/or Songs

Batch Entry for Artist Discographies and/or Albums and/or Songs

Diamond in the Rough
Status: Archive

I ran into a problem where I would like to make a playlist, but I don't want to take the time to enter everything by hand. There are certain bands I listen to, and some have massive discographies, such that I don't want to enter them by hand. I know that something similar to this is in the Artist Only feature, but the playlist I want to make contains the entire discography of several bands, more than what Pandora stations know how to deal with. Basically what I want to do is shuffle a playlist with well over 1,000 songs. I'm a music junkie, so I don't like to hear the same songs over and over. In fact, I think the best way to introduce such a feature would be through Stations [not Playlists], and having the ability to listen to "Seeds Only," but not of only one Artist, but perhaps 10 or 20+ Seeds Only bands. In addition, it would be nice to be able to seed certain albums and songs as a part of a Seeds Only station feature.

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Pretty hefy playlist there @MusicIsForever😉 I can see how this would be beneficial in that case and in many other ways. Thanks for the idea. 👍🏻

Local Performer

My band is, The Electric Marmalade. We are an AMP band. We have 2 albums on Pandora. We recently released a single, "Wipeout." The single does not appear on our discography page with the 2 albums. Our song, "Wipeout,"  is on a separate discography list. How can I get our new single added to our discography list with the 2 previous albums released?

Status changed to: Archive

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