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Buy music directly from pandora

Buy music directly from pandora

Status: Open Ideas

I often use Pandora to discover new music. When I find something that scratches the itch I will inevitably go on Bandcamp or buy a CD if I cannot find it there. I'm mostly looking to have a copy of a high quality DRM free digital file for my personal collection, usually flac.


I think this is a missed opportunity for Pandora to sell copies of the albums in its collection directly. This would help to support the platform beyond subscriptions and hopefully help the artists on top of that. I've spent way more at Bandcamp than I have Pandora ($0).

Id be more inclined to subscribe to Pandora if there were a tier for lossless audio but that's a request others have already made ad nauseam.

Chart Topper

I gave this a thumbs up. I like this idea.

Status changed to: Open Ideas
Hi @Adubs! Thanks for your posting to Feature Request!
We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.
Thanks for being a part of our Community!
Local Performer

Please create the ability for subscribers to purchase music selections heard on Pandora. Ill be forced to buy from I-Tunes.