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Change the default startup screen on Carplay

Change the default startup screen on Carplay

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What are the most annoying things about Pandora on Apple CarPlay is the need to tap the button to show the song is currently playing every time my car starts up.  The new update as of Sept. adds an annoying For You screen as default. I hate that screen because it’s usually a list of ****  I would never listen to and I’m even embarrassed when other see it, thinking I actually listen to that ****.   It’s even worse when I accidentally hit one.   There needs to be a way to select what screen automatically starts as a default.  If there is a way, I’d would appreciate help on how to go about it.  



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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @milano2u! Thanks for posting for your feedback for Pandora with CarPlay.

I moved your message over to our Feature Request board since customizing the view via CarPlay is not currently a feature. 

We really appreciate the feedback. It's very helpful as we work to improve the service.

For now, CarPlay has an app called 'Now Playing'. If the music has already started playing, you can tap this app to be taken straight to the current song. 

Thanks for being part of community!



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I agree 200% with @milano2u.  One should not have to tap anything, not even the “now playing “ button.  Resume Pandora on the “last” screen or  “position”.

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I agree 100% with you. It’s annoying and incredibly dangerous to have to look for a tiny circle icon closer to the passenger side than the drivers side to see the current song. 
The new “for you” should NEVER be the first thing that pops up as an option in a car.