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Choose offline content on Apple Watch

Choose offline content on Apple Watch

Status: Open Ideas

I have several stations/playlists downloaded to my Apple Watch and need to remove some. How do I do this without also deleting the downloads from my phone? I want to keep the downloads on my phone I just don’t want it to attempt to sync my entire offline library to my Watch.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Smcdona thanks for posting to community! I've moved your post to out Feature Request board, as this is currently not a feature of the Apple Watch. 

I’ll be running this up the ladder to see if it’s something we want to develop in the future. Keep the ideas coming!

Thanks again for posting to community! 🎧

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Pandora Plus allows a few station downloads for apple watch.  This almost works for me. I'd like the option to choose which stations download.

Use case:  As a jogger, I wish to listen to Pandora Apple Watch downloads to help achieve my exercise goals.  Unfortunately, Pandora automatically pushes stations without my input. For example, the stations Lullapop and Beethoven (Children's)  Radio are on my apple watch now, as I frequently listen to these with the toddlers at  home.   These stations are not my first choice for exercise. I'd prefer to select different stations for apple watch download.   Please enable an option for the user to select which stations to download on apple watch.

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Please allow more control over which stations replicate to Apple Watch with a pandora plus subscription.     Today, the most listened to stations replicate to apple watch.   For me, that's a few stations for toddlers.   I'd really like to have different music on my GPS only apple watch for jogging.   

How about introducing an option to choose which type of Watch Station Sync

  1. AUTOMATIC (todays model)
  2. BLOCK Stations (automatic except blocked)
  3. CHOOSE stations