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Choose your own Offline stations with Pandora Plus

Choose your own Offline stations with Pandora Plus

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Plus user I want the autonomy to choose my own offline listening stations when in offline mode. I have tried playing the stations I want but I only get one station I listen to regularly and the other 2 I haven’t listened to in months. I’ve also tried signing out and signing back in and re-downloading stations without success. This is very frustrating as a paying user to not have the choice of which stations I can play offline, which was the whole reason I upgraded my account. 

Local Performer

I have had the free version of Pandora for some time, and just upgraded to Pandora Plus. Where can I find step by step instructions for using offline stations?


Local Performer

Agreed!! I’d like to choose my offline stations. I don’t care how many I can choose, just as long as I can choose them!

Local Performer

Let the people choice what stations to listen to when offline. That should be up to us to choose what we listen to when we are offline. that shouldn't be up to the app to decide.