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Create Station based on criteria other than track/artist

Create Station based on criteria other than track/artist

Status: Open Ideas

I am a musician; However, I am not a performer (not anymore!). As such, (If I knew in college what I know now, I'd be a theory teacher! Need a 'justbelowminorinmusic' ex-prog rock performer analysist!?) I would like to be able to build a playlist from music qualities/identifying features. Last I knew, there were just over 400 evaluation points! I'd love to build stations from these music analysis criteria (instead of songs). Can it be done? At least in a limited way? Maybe, lyrical content; M,m tone; pinpoint genre qualities; instrumentaion; technicality... and so on.

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@Muse, I just made a similar suggestion.  (To be fair, I didn’t see this particular board, so my request was moved here.)  Being able to make a channel based on, for example, “folk roots” or “angry lyrics” or “madrigal style”, or some other criteria or criteria combination would be fantastic!