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Default to shuffle stations

Default to shuffle stations

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Whenever I open the app it always defaults to the same radio station, how can I get it to default to shuffle stations?

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Seriously?  We cannot even choose our default play?  Terribly lame.

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Agree with all being said

@ldlong I moved your post to this thread as it is not currently a feature. Hope we continue to see you around the community! 

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Not a Pandora feature?  So something worked a certain way, i.e. shuffle, for years and then it changes and works another way, i.e. doesn't remember that shuffle was selected from the previous session and the answer is that being able to select shuffle as default is not a Pandora feature.  Okay, then put it back to the way it worked in the past, it shouldn't need to be a feature, the default should be that whatever setting was in use on a previous session should be remembered and used on the next new session. This is the way that the Pandora android app has always worked and still does. This is just a matter of common sense and saying that it needs to be a feature is ridiculous.

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I upgraded to Premium last month and the shuffle option is gone. WTH? If I can't shuffle in premium, but could previously, then I'd rather not have premium. 


ANYONE know how to shuffle in Premium? 

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It blows my mind that Pandora removed the ability to keep the shuffle-on feature engaged. Not only does it disengage when you leave Pandora it also turns off if the "Are you still listening?" feature appears.  With music streaming app giant Spotify offering this feature I would think that Pandora would not want to lose customers and would add this back.

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it is a distraction to have to futz with the app upon opening!

definately an appreciated feature, to have the app remember how i like to listen to music or at least make it less impossible to adjust

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Ever since I upgraded to Military Premium my Pandora now always starts with the same Station (Bleeding Hearts Radio) instead of shuffling all my stations like it used to. I have to select my stations and select shuffle all stations every time now. **ahem**!!!!! And When I try to share a song on FB the Picture of the album and artist pop up but when I post it to FB it only post the same station (Bleeding Hearts Radio) that starts on startup and not the current song. Please fix this or refund my money for the upgrade!!!!
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I had shuffle before I paid subscription: now not **ahem**!?

Maybe back to Serious 😞
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The only reason I switched from Spotify is the shuffle station feature and now I can’t do that so it should be reapplied or judging by these subscribers comments/concerns, y’all might be loosing some customers in the near future. Sincerely from a concerned customer.