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Disable Exit From Recent Apps

Disable Exit From Recent Apps

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Status: Open Ideas

I have a habit of clearing out my Recent Apps menu, and Pandora is the only media player that stops working when I do. I'd like an option to disable this (keep it running in the background despite being cleared from the list) and supplement it with a "Quit" option in the main menu.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback @chinagreenelvis! 👍🏻

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What a bunch of phony baloney responses from Pandora!  Navigate here, there and everywhere instead of providing an exit button.  What next, put a dead chicken in a paper bag and wave it around your head three times to get it to quit?  Hogwash!

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I would like to add that when I exot pandora, I want it to stop playing. I often see it reappear in my notifications over and over. And it isn't until I quit and force close pandora that it stops. 


Maybe place a stop button in next to the play pause button?

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Not having an Exit or Stop button in the Pandora App is an insult to users. Really.