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Do not include seeded artist in Artist-Only Mode

Do not include seeded artist in Artist-Only Mode

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

So... here's the feature request: I'd like to see an "artist only" mode that only plays songs from the station artist.

Let me explain: I listened to an artist called Final Gravity.  I selected "start station from artist".  Pandora played loads of wildly inappropriate music that was nothing like the artist, so I began adding similar artists to Final Gravity to the station.  This worked out okay until I wanted to hear only the artist again.

I went to the station I made from the artist and selected "artist only".  Well, even though Pandora says "you'll only hear songs form the station artist", this is not how this mode really works.  Pandora plays the artists I have added to the station myself, not the original seed artist. 

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