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Enable voice activated feature to search Genre's, Artist's or ask to pause skip repeat shuffle etc.

Enable voice activated feature to search Genre's, Artist's or ask to pause skip repeat shuffle etc.

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Pandora has been out all too long to be falling behind in being the lead "GoTo" for an individual to listen to music. As much as I like Pandora I feel theres alot they could be Upgrading themselves.

Starting with a feature Enabling Voice Activated from once the app is open. Alexa or "Ok Google" can already open it for us but as far as "Pandora play Crossroads by BoneThugs" or more simply done Pandora skip, shuffle, repeat. A lot of us listen to Pandora while driving. I myself have a stereo very compatible with all of android but of course is limited to what the apps features are. with the voice activated it'd make pandora an all around hands free driving experience with fewer limitations. It's easy to call any app "hands free" when used like Google maps (open put in address, hands free alll the way til the end.) No need for changes there.

Another Big reason (more than 1st) Is people plug and play.!. we fight for the bluetooth connection to play our Playlist, yet PANDORA always one way or another likes to sneak that 1 song in that somehow got a thumbs up or simply one that is nowhere near appropriate for your children who are running around. /

How Great would a "PANDORA PAUSE" be of convenience? Especially since, lil one has the phone, or hands are wet, sticky, occupied, in order to refrain from breaking the mood, & definetly wont be back on having dibs anytime soon. 

I fell this feature will also allow for someone to refrain from having to hear the same playlist over and over, whereas there could be a seach "PANDORA PLAY NEWEST HIPHOP HITS" ALTERNATIVE, LOWRIDER OLDIES, COUNTRY ETC. Aside from having to "BROWSE" through and probably never hearing that 1 song everyone is talking about until their onto the next 1 while your still figuring out this one.haha 

anyway you get the point. 



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Local Performer

Yes voice activation would be very convenient when driving I use Pandora in my car and on my boat and having a hands-free Pandora would be much more convenient and much more safe

Status changed to: Archive

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