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Feature Request: Ability to merge/split stations

Feature Request: Ability to merge/split stations

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great to have the ability to permanently merge selected stations into one.  All the seeds, thumbs-ups, and thumbs-down from all selected stations would merge into one station.

> This would give all the people who have a ton of stations the ability to consolidate and organize them without having to delete stations they like, and without having a complicated group/folder system.

> It would encourage people to use stations to explore unfamiliar genres more without ending up with so-so or too many stations.

> Consolidating is another tool to create some really powerful, amazing stations that you couldn't get by just adding seeds.

I've wanted this feature for over ten years. Let's make it happen.

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Local Performer

Yes, please.


I came here to request this exact feature. I would love to have a "Station Playlist" of pre-existing stations. One for the drive to work, one for parties, one for lake trips, etc. The Shuffle stations feature is nice and I use it constantly, but not ideal to satisfy this need. 

Local Performer

This does not seem like a difficult feature to implement. Merging seeds and thumbs from two different stations would be very welcome to have. Please try to get this done.