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Feature Request: Bring back For You soundtrack playlists

Feature Request: Bring back For You soundtrack playlists

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Status: Open Ideas

I recall that the For You page used to have a section that listed the "Playlists made for you". This section listed the "Your <genre/category> Soundtrack" playlists that Pandora generates and updates weekly. For example "Your Energy Soundtrack", "Your Alternative Soundtrack", etc.

It was nice to have these listed and easily accessible from the For You page. They are still available in "My Collection" --> Playlists, but they are a bit buried now in other stuff.

Not sure why the section was removed from "For You", but would love to see it back.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting your feedback, @zeb! I enjoyed these playlist as well. 

I've updated the status of your idea to Open. Don't forget to vote on the ideas you'd like to see by clicking on the heart. ❤️

Hope to see you around community! 🎧


Do the hearts really do anything. The sorting for playlists, artists, and so on started in 2019 has 361 hearts and has yet to be implemented.