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Feature Request: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

Feature Request: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

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My Pandora is connected to my Amazon Echo devices. Because of that my young son often adds stations based on one or two songs. He's not interested in actually having the list, he just wants to year the song. As a result I frequently find myself "culling the heard" so to speak and deleting stations I don't actually want or need. I would love to see an option to select multiple stations at once to delete them.

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i wanted to create a "HIP-HOP/RAP" playlist with say a dozen artists albums but in order to do this I was told I need to bring up each of the individual artists albums which I can add all of the songs from that album to that playlist all at the same time but I cannot add all of the albums from that artist

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I am deleting my account today since you can't bulk delete, thanks.

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PANDORA! - You need to add BULK station delete!

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This suggestion is from 2019.  How much longer until this is actually done?  I can't imagine it's a hard feature to add.