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Feature Request: Expand Pandora Internationally

Feature Request: Expand Pandora Internationally

Status: Open Ideas

I want to listen my Pandora radio in more countries not only in USA like Europe Asia etc, cuz i am a traveler and i want to get access my Pandora in more countries.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Craxelss! Thanks for posting.

I know this is one feature many listeners would love to see, myself included.

Thanks for posting!

Local Performer

PLEASE! I was a loyal Pandora subscriber who used Pandora consistently throughout the day, every day. I didn't realize that when I made the move to Europe recently, I'd lose my years' worth of radio customization because Pandora is simply not useable outside of the U.S. I have had to move to Spotify and the whole experience just makes me miss my Pandora account even more. Pandora's true shuffle, better radio mechanics, and the ability to put songs "on the shelf" for a while consistently make me wish I was using Pandora instead. If you all make the jump to play internationally, I will run away from Spotify and back into Pandora's arms at warp speed. 


Offtopic, i love to listen pandora on my ipod touch 1st gen using old versions! sadly with vpn( 

It s good to support that old devices! (pls do not close support for old devices on ios, i love to listen pandora with wired headphones)