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Feature Request: Extended Buffer

Feature Request: Extended Buffer

Status: Open Ideas

Often while driving, the songs will stutter while the app attempts to buffer the song it is currently playing.

I propose a setting option for an Extended Buffer (disabled by default), where the app reserves enough storage space for 2 full songs. The app then full-speed buffers the current song, and pre-buffers the entire next song.

Most likely this should be locked out for free accounts. If the person listening skips songs often, then it would increase data usage, which would put extra stress on the servers if it was available to absolutely everyone. (without song skipping it would, on average, use data at the same speed as the normal buffering. It would just do it in bursts.)

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Xarlon! Thanks for visiting the community feature request board.

We’re always looking to improve, and getting ideas like yours helps with that.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!