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Feature Request: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Feature Request: More sorting options for Premium (playlists, stations, albums, etc)

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great if there were different ways to sort the collection in the mobile app. Especially alphabetically.

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Preposterous that this isn't available yet.

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OMG! I can not believe that this isnt there. I thought I was just missing something. Give me a break Pandora devs. This is very very easy to do. This should reside in a DB somewhere that you can pre-sort depending on user preferences. Have settings on the Playlist screens for sort option if you can't do it dynamically. I see the DIVs are all draggable and your building them in the BackstageLayout. You can even implement sorts by any data stored - including artist. How many years since this feature has been asked? If your current devs can't do this - you need new devs. Or a new IS Manager, hire me, Ill fire the lot of ya and listen to the people paying my salary - the members. So disappointing.....

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I pay for premium.  A few years ago I asked if there is a way to sort a playlist, by song title or author.  At that time the answer was "no."  I just read through the multitude of posts in this string.  I see that many users have posted the same question and the answer apparently still is "no." 

I do not understand why Pandora cannot come up with a solution to sort songs in a playlist by song title or artist. It is particularly frustrating when the same song is in the playlist multiple times, like the Thumbs Up playlist.  It is very tedious to go through a playlist with several hundred songs and try to find duplicates so you can pare it down to one of that song.  It also is very tedious to drag a song to elsewhere in a playlist to try to organize the playlist and to eliminate duplicates when there are several hundred songs in the playlist. 

Heck, if you can remember iTunes, it was a feature in iTunes way back when.

Please, Pandora, give us a sort feature for playlists.


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 When will Pandora start listening to their users and  provide features update to the app?

I have not seen a feature update to the app forever!

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Request:  any sorting/filter option for your playlist, or any playlists?   Looks like this has been a long overdue request, yet, no response from the blog or pandora.
issues - duplicate songs added to your playlist; 
issues - duplicate songs shared on your multiple playlist, would like to know which playlists you've added your songs to and have the option to leave it or remove it from your multiple playlists (ie, by artist, by year, by album, by song, by genre)
another Request:  could you blend your songs to avoid the quiet transition of the songs?  another product allows this blending, i think its awesome.

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I need to be able to sort playlists!

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