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Fine tune stations with BPM and other filters

Fine tune stations with BPM and other filters

Status: Open Ideas

Enhance existing recommendation algorithm/ process OR expose elements from the filters to Pandora users. These can include include; beats per minute (BPM) and other examples from site(s) like; using Energy, Danceability and Happiness.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting to our feature request board @apriordan! Great idea! Keep them coming! 🎧

Opening Act

If BPM is part of the music genome, being able to add/remove music genomes to the stations DNA would make this totally possible.

Local Performer

My very first time on Pandora, I wanted music similar to the band Shaman, a Brazilian melodic heavy metal band.  When I clicked on "Shaman Radio," which >showed an icon relating to the band<, it actually was a mix of New Age meditation music and Native American flute and drums.  Huh?  NOT what I wanted!

Now this New Age genre dominates my recommendations.  How do I get rid of it?  Do I actually have to "thumbs up/down" songs until it outweighs that initial mistake?

Can anyone help?

Local Performer

By showing BPM for every song, people can create playlists based on BPM for running or other workouts. I want to know right away if a new song I hear will be the right tempo to add to my running or jogging playlist. Also, show the BPM when searching songs without listening to them as well. 

Opening Act

This would be great for DJs, parties, etc. 

Have a minimum and maximum BPM range. 

Crossfade should stay on beat.

Local Performer

Yes please add a BPM option for playlists, when I'm nearing the end of a 24hr shift and in the mood for classical, I don't need to be falling asleep