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Have an option for fewer repeats and more variety of artists and more songs

Have an option for fewer repeats and more variety of artists and more songs

Status: Open Ideas

I listen on shuffle mostly, but I often hear the same artist and song in a two hour session.  I don't think many people want that, esp in shuffle mode.  I also would like a lot of variety, both from an artist I like and the number of similar artists.  Deep Cuts has been a bit helpful, but even so, I hear a new artist and song I like, then the next day I hear the same song from that artist.  Why not a different song from that artist?

So my proposal is to have 3 levels of variety to select from.  

1. First level plays mostly the top hits.  More repeats and fewer similar artists.

2. Second Level of variety plays fewer repeats and more deeper cuts from similar artists.  No song repeats for a week. and songs put of a shelf for 2 or 3 months.

3. Third level of variety plays all the songs from albums of selected artists and a much wider net of similar artists.  No song repeated within 30 days.  And songs put on the shelf not heard again for 3 or 4 months.

I would also like to be able to see the songs put on the shelf like the thumbs up list.  


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I want to have more variety as well! I keep hearing the same songs over and over. It's like they are using the same seed for their randomizer. It might be good to try a different seed for every day. Like Julian Date. That's different every day.

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tmb I like how you put the feature into detail. Well thought out. I think that would make a great feature. Hopefully it will get the votes needed for Pandora to consider it. Take care and stay safe.