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Higher Audio Quality

Higher Audio Quality

Status: Open Ideas

How about higher audio quality?  Amazon has introduced this feature, and others have been ahead of Pandora as well.  It would be great to have the Genome Project advantage with higher audio quality.  Do others agree?


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Higher quality would definitely bring you guys up to date in 2021 for people wanting to listen to good music. We have 5G now and great devices out for cheap to listen to Hi def music. No excuses.


The struggle is real, have been using Pandora for 10+ years and love the way it serves up music, Gnome Project for the win. But, I have recently gotten into HiFi listening and have to struggle with other apps as a source... cough cough Amazon Music HD. 

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I agree with everyone here who wants higher quality audio. As much as I hate getting sucked farther into the Apple sphere, Apple Music has quality that even my old ears can tell the difference. If anyone’s reading the comments who actually has a job at Pandora, please pay attention.

Here, Here! What is wrong with Pandora? They are losing all momentum that
they had years ago when they started the Genome Project.
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Pandora was my first paid streaming service. I still pay for it, despite also having an Apple Music Family plan.
However, the more I listen to Apple Music, the more I'm hearing a quality difference. It's so noticeable that when Pandora plays a song I really love to crank up, I hear the quality issues and ask Siri to play the same exact song in Apple Music.

I'll be ending my subscription in December unless higher quality audio is available in Sonos.

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My question is, when is Pandora going to go to 320kbps? All other services offer it.


The quality on pandora is honestly such a joke at this point, its like they want to sink.


It doesn’t even need to be lossless, but c’mon offer us 320 at least. So many songs sound like they were compressed using the first ever available encoder from 2001.  Also the volume levels from song to song can be significant too, very frustrating.
Even if you subscribe to premium you can’t get past 192mp3 which is same max bitrate they offered eons ago. 

Do they just not care? Is there a technical reason why they can’t simply re-encode the source files to a higher bitrate? Maybe they don’t have access to the source files anymore to do this? So many questions. 

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1) The Genome stuff, where you make a station and it chooses the songs is Awesome!
(the ONLY reason I've stayed this long)

2) The sound quality **ahem** and Pandora doesn't give a flying **ahem**. 
I just got an apple music account ... CD Quality.. MUCH better. 

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So, does anyone at Pandora ever reply to any of these comments? Are we just wasting our time asking for at least 320kbps? What’s the deal? From comments here I see that this is an ongoing issue for years. Hello Pandora, any updates on sound quality?