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If features are added, how about toggle switches keeping Pandora simple to please the simple?

If features are added, how about toggle switches keeping Pandora simple to please the simple?

Diamond in the Rough
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Just what the title says. I can remember thinking wow this is complex a while ago when Pandora was making many changes. I made a number of changes then, but ease of use was complicated at first and especially for newbies I think it would be good to keep it simple for those that want it. Some people may prefer to keep it that way.

I have made several feature requests. Some of them might add to the confusion, especially for a new user.

My suggestion is to make toggle switches available so that users are able to better customize their experience, especially when Pandora adds new features. This I think would please more people, the simple for the simple, while the complex for the complex. So many operating systems have something simple. For example, when clicking on a control panel there is clickable features, but also there is a an the possibility of adjusting "Advanced" features. One of my peeves about this sort of thing is that the control panels often don't say exactly what will happen if you click there. Often I read it and I'm like, hmmm that could do that or this and I don't know exactly what will be done probably because the people who write the software haven't thought that there are other possibilities, and often a feature I want is not available even though certain things on menus make me think it is, wasting my time.

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Thanks for your feedback @MusicIsForever! Keep them coming. 👍🏻

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