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In-app output source on desktop

In-app output source on desktop

Status: Open Ideas

I'm using the desktop app on a MacBookPro which works fine. However, I'm looking for Pandora to enable me to choose an output source from within the app. As it is, I choose my bluetooth speaker via the O.S. but in doing so, ALL audio gets directed to my bluetooth speaker. Apple Music has now created the possibility to select the output source in-app, so that I can listen to music via the selected output source in Apple Music, and still direct all other sounds/audio (read phone calls, etc) to the speakers on my Mac. 

and I'm looking for a way to choose my Bluetooth speakers as an output source. The way I use it now, is that I connect to my Bluetooth speakers, but then all of the sounds on my laptop, including Pandora go to the speaker. This is not ideal because I don't want to hear sound effects from my other apps. iTunes has a way of chosing the audio output, but I downloaded and installed the Pandora app, and I can't figure out how to do that. Is it even possible?


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Hi @StanDeMan Thanks for your post!
We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.
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Yeah this would be really nice, I assumed the app would allow this which is why I installed it.  For those of us switching between Zoom calls and Pandora, I don't want them on the same audio output...

Need this in MacOS