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List of all Thumbs Down

List of all Thumbs Down

Status: Open Ideas

How about letting us have access to the list of songs we do a thumbs down to. Just like the thumbprint station. Just the opposite? What do you think? 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

@Willcraven72 I moved your post to the Feature Requests space.

This will give others around the Community a chance to upvote your idea and express their interest in seeing it added to the service as well.

Hope we continue to see you around! 😁

Opening Act

@Willcraven72, this would be particularly useful in the event that a person accidentally gives a thumbs down to a song, to allow for undoing that.  (I’ve done that a few times.)


@blankface If you know the name of the station the track was given a Thumbs Down on, you should have the option to remove it.

Check out this thread for more information: How to edit thumb ratings

Thanks for being a part of the Community! 😎

Local Performer

Because of my "thumbs up" picks,  my overall  station shuffle is playing them much too often.  So i have been removing all "thumbs up" songs as they are played. (ps.  this is a difficult thing to do while in google chrome for some reason.  The "thumbs up" selection does not always take.  Instead it remains selected for some reason.)   So I would like to be able to see a full list of all "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" with an option to remove those selected "thumbs up" in one click.  Of course my main goal is to have more random and new songs played while in Station/shuffle mode.  Maybe the "thumbs up" and down option is not being used in the best way at this time.