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Lossless Audio

Lossless Audio

Status: Open Ideas


Apple Music to add lossless audio for no added cost. Definitely Pandora needs to bump up the audio quality now to complete with the other music streaming services.

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Yes, higher audio quality is a must.

Only reason I'd ever leave Pandora... Been a loyal user for 10 years.

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The major downside to almost every streaming solution is degradation of sound quality in favor of stable streaming transmission efficiency and massive storage capacity. That’s how streaming became practical. Streaming capabilities have progressed by orders of magnitude since Napster. The ability to transmit lossless files should not be the exception anymore. It should not be a paid premium “feature” either but since I’m paying I feel I deserve better sound quality than I’m getting now. I also deserve the ability to tailor the sound with a real 7 to 11 band EQ. We are no longer talking major technical or hardware feats. The low-mid-high tone “adjustments” in my car are laughable. The placement of my Bluetooth speaker in my bathroom is too boomy. Yes, send a perfect representation of the sound to me and then let me customize it. This is an extension of why I use Pandora and not other services. Your suggestion algorithms are fantastic - and they are a great platform that I use for customization when I create my own “lunk headed rock”, “My R&B” stations and others. I don’t like “curation”. I don’t use any pre-set Pandora stations. I don’t want EQ pre sets I want a fully functional 7 or 11 band EQ and lossless files.

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I would really like to see a improved sound quality. The most popular streaming services are adding already lossless ( or should be available soon ) 

So I hope Pandora will at it soon to!