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Make Pandora Premium available across all devices

Make Pandora Premium available across all devices

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please make a build your own station feature that acts with a station name so that all receivers etc will give you the option to play it and you can build a playlist on it


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Cant you essentially do that by starting and then editing a station? 

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Thanks for your suggestion, @getitdone.

Hope we continue to see you around the Community! :pandora:

Local Performer

Dear Pandora,


we at work constantly use pandora throgh the samsung multiroom app which plays pandora off of wifi uninterrupted.  The problem is that pandora is super limited and super repetetive when played through the multiroom app and it cannot access any playlists from pandora premium which we pay for.   it would be great to add functuons to pandora when played through samsungs multiroom app.   





Did Pandora go by the wayside in support for the Sony Blu-Ray about the same time Amazon did?..2020? The unit is circa really isn't all THAT old...Slacker; WildTV, etc are still using the platform; although I haven't tried to link to the premium package with either Slacker or WildTV. Pandora was my first foray into the premium content.

Sure would like to see Pandora take another "peek" at supporting this platform. This unit works perfectly fine in all aspects, and am not looking to replace. Since it appears that it isn't supported at this time; I will probably rescind my membership to Premium; unless Pandora makes a policy change to support.


Jeff L.


I would like to keep this thread open for just a bit for another question. This one is especially directed to the moderators and the management of Pandora; and of course to all in the thread.

Why would Sony take my registration number for my Blu-Ray and then allow me to connect to Pandora Premium? Would seem to me that if the manufacturer didn't support Pandora Premium; that they would not have allowed me to connect to Pandora Premium. Is this just a finger pointing session; between the manufacturer and Pandora?

I'd like a definitive answer...Is it Pandora that is not supporting the manufacturer? Everything looks good on the manufacturer side.

I have a question out to LiveXLive. If they do support the Sony Blu-Ray (Sony let me link to their premium service as well) then I will be canceling my Pandora premium account and going with LiveXLive.

Thank you.

Jeff L



Well...since Pandora didn't come up with the answer; the good customer service over at LiveXLive did. For the good of the forum; Sony quit supporting the BIVL platform; even though they allowed connection to Pandora's and LiveXLive's premium services. This is the reason LiveXLive cannot offer these premium services, and I am going to presume this is the case with Pandora.

One thing is for sure. When I upgrade my equipment; LiveXLive will get my first bid for premium service, since their customer service is far superior to Pandora's.

Moderator's do as you please with this post. I will be canceling my premium service before the 30 day free of premium runs out.

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