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Make Progress Bar Easier to Use

Make Progress Bar Easier to Use

Status: Open Ideas

I think it would be really nice if the progress bar for the song was thicker/bolder and easier to adjust? Sometimes I want to go back to a specific part of a song but don't want to replay the whole song, and the song progress bar is really small and hard to tap/click on. It would be nice if the circle on the bar that indicates where you are in the song was always visible, instead of only when you hover over the progress bar. I also think that the progress bar should be bolder or thicker, and easier to click on or use. 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback @LPSF04! You've got my vote. ❤️

Local Performer

I would like to see a larger marker/indicator on the "progress bar" showing how much time has elapsed on the song. You can see the current mins/secs and the total song length, but the progress bar is literally a pixel wide and extremely difficult to see. It would be helpful if there was a dot or other indicator as the song plays. There is a marker if you hover on the progress bar (again - have to hover over the pixel-wide bar), but it should stay on the screen permanently. This would also make it easier to grab the marker so I can fast-forward or rewind to a specific part of the song.

Local Performer

Frustrated the slim hardly usable progress bar was available for one day when I signed up for Pandora plus on the Android app. The next day the progress bar would not function. I had to listen to the whole song and not be able to play the parts that I wanted of the song. Even after I re installed the apps. I hope you purge the vampires who designed this app or they will bring Pandora down. I am waiting for YouTube red to lower their price or Spotify to fix their bloating app.