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More information about my likes

More information about my likes

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In 2021 everything is about data. I have been using Pandora since ~2007 as my day in and day out go to music service. With over 5k hours listened and over 1.8k thumbs up I want to know more about my likes! I would love to be able to group them by artist or or know things like when I liked them, or even just get a manageable list of them. 1800 is way too many to scroll through in no particular order to find something. Does anyone know how if this is available somehow? someway? The only thing I could think of is to get this information from the API, which I would be fine with, except it seems that I can't get a developer account at this time. 

I love the role pandora plays in my life, and I just want more. 


Thank you,

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Diamond in the Rough

@cberg2048, thank you for posting your problem and opinion! Lots of people have posted about this and it has been an occurring question that I have seen! There are two options that have probably happened. 
The first is Pandora making a playlist of all your thumbs up on a certain station. As all the 18k thumbs up are made I know you probably have playlists of the thumbed up songs. 
The second one is of course going to the my thumbed up songs. In there you can delete and add songs that you liked. If it’s all on the same station, well there’s no way I can think anything will help. Unless you can find a friend or someone close that knows your favorite and least favorite songs and will look through the liked songs for you.😅

Thank you for asking your question! 
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Diamond in the Rough

Oops! Forgot to put the period on the 1.8k!